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if the thunder don't get you, the lightning will.
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Recognized on 5:01 PM, Thursday January 31, 2013 EST by lynnmay
an asset to the Gpokr family, always helpful and a joy to play with.

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havent seen you around for a bit, do ya wanna go play some pinball or sumthing?
dosey mare on Monday February 9, 2009
woo fecking hoo gumms, every time i hear the news i get all teary. so damn proud of you US kids!
panties on Thursday November 6, 2008
amy cluck on Monday August 4, 2008
A class act and a really good player.
Impatient on Saturday June 7, 2008
Hi Gummo, thanks for the nice post, its nice to get positive feedback once in a while lmao. Good luck xoxoxo
helloitssue on Tuesday May 27, 2008
hi doll it was a pleasure playing pokr with you tonight hope to see you on the tables again soon xx
amanda1 on Thursday May 1, 2008
Gummo, always nice to see you at the table
El Brujo on Tuesday March 18, 2008
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fat cow on Tuesday March 18, 2008
Such a sweetheart! Glad you are part of my GPokr life! Xoxoxoxoxo :)
Country Girl on Saturday March 8, 2008
nice player...always welcome @ my table..xx Lei
Lei on Saturday March 8, 2008
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