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1 week suspension over. Pepe do not abuse people or will be longer next time!!!! +chat TLP 2:56 PM, Tuesday April 7, 2009 EDT
Abusing other players. Complaints. 1 week ban of chat. -chat Marice 3:57 PM, Friday March 20, 2009 EDT
your chat has been restored. Please refrain from the language that required this ban +chat annat 7:43 AM, Monday January 19, 2009 EST
Chat is suspended for evidence on forum. This is inappropriate. Chat will be restored in 1 week. -chat annat 8:35 AM, Saturday January 10, 2009 EST

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Malditos;-) Starting Hand GOD AA folds rmartini checks Deucem calls Tennister calls pepe21 raises $27,500 avi_25 calls rmartini calls Deucem folds Tennister folds Dealing flop: [8d, 5s, 3c] pepe21 checks avi_25 checks rmartini checks Dealing turn: [6h] pepe21 checks avi_25 checks rmartini checks Dealing river: [7s] pepe21 bets $120,000 avi_25 folds rmartini raises $470,000 pepe21 calls pepe21 shows [4h, As] for a straight eight high rmartini shows [Tc, 9c] for a straight ten high rmartini wins main pot $738,046 Replay: http://gpokr.com/games/80728680 rmartini wins side pot $150,977 pepe21 stands up
rmartini on Monday January 29, 2018
horrible player... J-8 off suit all in.. just a scrub
Dick Tucker on Wednesday August 24, 2016
complete moron
Magilla Gorilla on Tuesday August 14, 2012
Adam_ on Monday September 5, 2011
Racist towards Irish People :/
jimmyduck on Sunday July 31, 2011
conorkelly on Friday May 22, 2009
megawerkx on Monday April 20, 2009
Disrespectful player, insults, plays bad insult proof: http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/3812/insultsm.png after losing several hands to me he said what translating means: you are a F***ing pig. You're going to get you're self F***ed, *******. Please take his chat away, thankyou
tiagosilva on Friday March 20, 2009
only for im unfairly muted,id of f***** you from a height you jammy river b******
irish rover on Thursday January 22, 2009
chips transfer with Lino Sá
Russian Red on Friday January 9, 2009
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