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And a good time was had by all!
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Recognized on 10:26 PM, Friday May 30, 2008 EDT by Opie_00
Actually took time out from playing to help a few beginners with odds and betting strategies. Always ready to give advice at a table or help anyone out with information about Gpokr. Thanks fuzzy

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whatch with the verbal abuse its not nice!! thank you....... ventuno is here fuzzy: you fucking donk fuzzy: lol fuzzy: how do you play like that? "pebble": ty fuzzy: what an ass "pebble": just copy everyone else fuzzy: fu "pebble": calm down
"pebble" on Sunday October 3, 2010
Nicwe to see you playing again Fuzz hope you and your's are well!
""ENGLAND"" on Saturday December 13, 2008
your pic is so cool i add u to my feiends list
pocahontas717 on Sunday December 7, 2008
Moo! Moo!
fat cow on Thursday June 5, 2008
Hey there, Fuzz.
Speed Freak on Friday May 16, 2008
try here Fuzzy :) http://uk.babelfish.yahoo.com/translate_txt?fr=avbbf-uk
Kick Me on Sunday May 11, 2008
man you are a great guy, enjoy playing with you. hope we know each other better in the future,
perchbait on Thursday May 1, 2008
Sorry Lois, I don't speak that language.
fuzzy on Thursday May 1, 2008
Salut Fuzzy je voulais juste te dire de ne pas te meller des conversations qui ne te concerne pas (moi et perchbait) .
lois 1 on Thursday May 1, 2008
Hey Fuzzy, Way to go man! Menace
Menace on Thursday May 1, 2008
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