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I really should go to bed earlier .....
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joe d wrote
at 1:02 PM, Tuesday October 25, 2016 EDT
T, I'm going to go underground again. Can you block my access, with privileges to return someday? Thanks. Take care.
joe d wrote
at 2:56 AM, Saturday July 16, 2016 EDT
Hey, T,

It's been a few years. Hope all is well. I was hoping you could reactivate my account.

joe d
Delboy71 wrote
at 1:03 PM, Monday September 21, 2015 EDT
Stoney63 wrote
at 10:45 AM, Thursday December 25, 2014 EST
T, Merry Christmas to you & your family, I hope your dad is doing well. Miss you at the tables, hope all is well, Stoney
swoop4meat wrote
at 9:25 AM, Tuesday August 19, 2014 EDT
Hope u are well.........
Renard_tapis wrote
at 4:44 PM, Sunday March 30, 2014 EDT
Bonjour Miss Security Pays !! I was admirating ur trophies for 1st vivit here ) i'm sure soon u'll get top 3 ! I'll be there with champagne, ..and a Earl Grey too ;)
lynnmay wrote
at 9:01 AM, Saturday March 1, 2014 EST
woooot good job!!!!!
swoop4meat wrote
at 4:51 PM, Friday November 15, 2013 EST
Hiya Miss Patience Pays,
I was gonna write something nice but am captivated more by your play and charm so I hope you win my chips and fishes next start get me...
keep up the good work chicken :-)))
The Caller wrote
at 7:47 PM, Sunday October 27, 2013 EDT
I'm sorry TLP...didn't mean to hurt your feelings..didn't mean to be an ass..again I apologize. Please forgive me.
Bettyke wrote
at 10:46 AM, Saturday October 19, 2013 EDT
Sorry: Annya's
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