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Recognized on 3:58 PM, Thursday February 11, 2010 EST by kellykellymoore
Thank you so much for challenging all of us to be better pokr players while making the game so enjoyable. It was always fun to be at your table, even if it was a little scary to play against you. You will be missed in the GPokr community, and I'd like to award this contribution cross posthumously to you, Od. You will be missed.
Recognized on 11:56 AM, Sunday February 22, 2009 EST by mystery man
Thank you for playing a consistently high standard of poker and for adhering to the rules of Gpokr while doing so.

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Well it's been so long now but seems like yesterday still when we used to chat and play od. Miss you buddy and think about you a lot. RIP my friend.
binaspy on Wednesday August 29, 2012
TLP only just informed me of the news, had always been curious to where you had been :( Can't even believe it. Have tears in my eyes whilst writing this, just to be so close to someone on here and not to realize they've gone forever.. Hurts! Atleast you're with the other pro's now, you were too good for this website anyway ;) haha! But you'll always be remembered by so many people 'Odnex' (my personally favourite nickname of yours!). Many will remember you on this site especially us veterans! Never forgotten, will be with you sometime soon! We'll rejoice for another amazing conversation that will run just for longer than we realise! R.i.p buddy, <3
BrotherMamwa on Saturday April 16, 2011
lmfao he aint dead..i was just talking to him the other day.. link4 made it all up!
ez33333 on Monday March 21, 2011
SIMA DAWG on Wednesday December 1, 2010
greekboi on Thursday April 8, 2010
mystery man on Saturday February 20, 2010
R.I.P. Buddy
dr. zoidberg 69 on Sunday January 31, 2010
Rigu on Sunday January 31, 2010
mattz1 on Sunday January 31, 2010
matt19 on Sunday January 31, 2010
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