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Not only do you suck at poker but your a nasty slut
WHSKYDlCK on Thursday January 1, 2009
ok hun getting myself banned so i cant play any more.... talk to you by email or something
Kizzadaman on Saturday November 8, 2008
what a babe
Dongs.com on Tuesday November 4, 2008
See you tonight. Wear red so I can find you. Love Brian
11Brian11 on Wednesday October 22, 2008
hey girl you rock, always pip me at the post with ya comments. take care you good looking thing! jans pants
panties on Monday October 13, 2008
Great player !!! Always nice to see you playing... GL
kelli3527 on Tuesday September 23, 2008
thx Impatient! haha, keep on entertaining me ;)
masuhujo on Sunday August 24, 2008
just saying hi, imp.. hope to see you soon
gummo on Friday August 22, 2008
impatient you must be proud of what i said in the past.you keep posting it.are you trying to make sure every reads it.it was said out of lots of anger and its history.please let it die it shame-full.bless you i will pray for you.i am not going to let you steal my joy.
jack ramsland on Tuesday August 5, 2008
I just want people to play fair and not transfer chips etc. have fun.
helloitssue on Thursday June 12, 2008
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