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Chip Losers Today ↓2,591,350 TOMMY M. $1.466.444
link4 on Thursday July 10, 2008
you said you were gonna own this site this month ... seems you know what you talk about
odnexa1 on Friday July 4, 2008
Great Gpokr player... This guy makes crazy reads and great calls... Keep it up man
the_nuts on Thursday July 3, 2008
good to see you at num.1 keep zoid out. good luck tommy.
jack ramsland on Thursday July 3, 2008
this guy has mad skillz
TOMMY M. on Wednesday July 2, 2008
TOMMY M. shows [4d, Kd] for a pair of Kings mizike shows [Tc, Th] for a pair of tens chapalo shows [2s, 5s] for two pair, fives and twos chapalo wins main pot $9,150 chapalo wins side pot $14,310 TOMMY M. wins side pot $4,471 promptly followed by TOMMY M.: ytou fucking fagot fucking bitch playing stupid fucking cards rot in hell
mizike on Friday May 2, 2008
How's it goin' at the Paradise Tiki Tommy? Say hi to Sharon for me. Bonnie
bfoxy on Monday April 21, 2008
Tommy, hope you don't leave the site, gpokr needs decent players.
JulesDogg on Thursday April 10, 2008
Hi Baby!! WoooooW A handsome guy and a great player~hmmmm thats rare at Gpokr!! Good luck Sweetheartxoxoxxoxoxoxoxxoxo
Country Girl on Thursday April 10, 2008
Hey Tommy I was in the room when you were giving those tips and wanted to know if you could post them or send them to me. I would appreciate it man. I watch you play a lot and would like to get more tips from you. Thanks Man .....BIG
bighall on Friday March 28, 2008
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