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wtf r u doing on a $20K table with all those chips?
BOOOM!!! on Friday December 11, 2009
Al, if your into it get an account at 'full tilt' and play the freerolls. They offer one everyday for Ireland only at 9.05pm. Log on to FT, chose 'real money', select 'tournament' tab, scroll down to 'freerolls' and look for the one that starts at 14.05 (its in USA time)(9.05pm your time), click on it, look to right of the screen and click on 'register'. I won one once and got $15, not much, but played a few sngs and took it up to $90. And collected 'ftp's (full tilt points) that get you into better freerolls that can then get you into serious cash tourneys, all for free. Competing there has really helped my tourney strategy, it's fun and free!
JulesDogg on Saturday June 13, 2009
big al on Sunday December 28, 2008
big damn fry up ffs!!! lol
panties on Monday August 4, 2008
one lucky fuckin calling station. has no idea about pot odds just a lucker
vaoutlaws lover on Saturday March 15, 2008
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