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Recognized on 7:33 PM, Wednesday October 21, 2009 EDT by Rob S.
Always courteous, helpful and a credit to gpokr

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Hello, San Diego, I am Veronica Corningstone, Tits McGee has the night off...
Punk In Drublic on Sunday June 26, 2011
Congrats, mcab...Nice job :-)
kacha_cha on Wednesday December 1, 2010
mcab gl this month of november,,a 2nd medal awaits u.
co.co on Monday November 1, 2010
A real Dork and a lousy player. And why would he pay for a FREE site? He must be mentally challenged.
Sofa King Sweet on Wednesday October 27, 2010
Has some insane Legerdemain skills :)
""ENGLAND"" on Monday September 6, 2010
Good fold mc Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [3s, 7d] mcab calls chekira folds jimbo8 calls cityfox folds Johnjo checks tomaka calls CICCIATUTTI calls zaten checks Dealing flop: [Ah, 5c, 5d] CICCIATUTTI checks zaten checks mcab folds jimbo8 checks mcab stands up Johnjo checks tomaka checks Dealing turn: [2s] CICCIATUTTI checks zaten checks jimbo8 bets $200 Johnjo calls tomaka calls CICCIATUTTI calls zaten calls Dealing river: [6d] CICCIATUTTI checks zaten checks jimbo8 checks Johnjo folds tomaka bets $1,000 CICCIATUTTI folds zaten folds jimbo8 calls jimbo8 shows [Qh, As] for two pair, Aces and fives tomaka shows [5h, Ad] for a full house, fives full of Aces tomaka wins main pot $4,200
cityfox on Thursday May 6, 2010
ur a dragon
starfish_warrior on Tuesday March 30, 2010
Great person, always a pleasure to play poker with. Definetly one of the best people on gpokr.
thebricklayer on Sunday November 22, 2009
Big Hunter 12 shows [5s, 8c] for a pair of fours mcab shows [4d, 4h] for four fours mcab wins main pot $600
777up on Friday June 5, 2009
He is a fucking pedo. Stay away. Far away.
Ahujj on Monday May 4, 2009
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