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Recognized on 12:08 AM, Monday September 26, 2011 EDT by Rob S.
An excellent player and a credit to gpokr
Recognized on 6:26 AM, Wednesday May 4, 2011 EDT by Rob S.
for continuous support for gpokr and the players of the site over several years

This player has been modded by the community

better +play kellykellymoore 4:25 PM, Thursday September 23, 2010 EDT
sitting at 5k table losing blinds -play kellykellymoore 4:25 PM, Thursday September 23, 2010 EDT
I apologize for the delay. Your ability to play has been restored. +play annat 10:24 PM, Saturday January 3, 2009 EST
Due to evidence on the forum, play has been suspended. Please in future do not accept or give chips. -play annat 3:59 PM, Monday December 29, 2008 EST

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You play poker like you are ... beautifully
BeaBee on Saturday December 10, 2011
ilosesometimes on Monday July 19, 2010
Whine Much?
FudgeyProlapse on Sunday July 18, 2010
Pleasure to play with :)
BrotherMamwa on Thursday July 1, 2010
Hello Tiger Lady it's been a long time since I've seen you online Welcome Back
Jimmy385 on Tuesday January 19, 2010
Ciao Bella :)
Siffredi.Rocco on Tuesday August 18, 2009
you photo please kssssssssssss
alcaide on Saturday October 18, 2008
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