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Recognized on 11:10 PM, Friday September 11, 2009 EDT by These cards suck
For being a well liked and all around good member and player to the site. I wish you only the best luck in the future.

:) TCS

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reinstated +play TLP 5:38 PM, Monday August 27, 2012 EDT
away losing blinds -play TLP 5:38 PM, Monday August 27, 2012 EDT

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Merry Christmas
get her done on Thursday December 23, 2010
i wish i could have some of this fags luck. lol
ForestGnome on Monday October 4, 2010
well liked???? lmaooo
link4 on Wednesday April 14, 2010
chaffy u should really watch ur mouth....i know ur a boy pretending to be a ? but proof is between ur legs w/ that toy. Stop harassing me and i'll stop telling u who u really r? LATER big mouth
[email protected] [email protected] on Sunday August 2, 2009
Congratulations! Not bad for someone who hangs around with people like us! ;)
misst56 on Wednesday April 1, 2009
WTG On the medal Chaffy :D Wooot woooot :D All the best for March :) x
vikkib33 on Monday March 2, 2009
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