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lynnmay wrote
at 8:58 AM, Saturday March 1, 2014 EST
woooot good job!!!!!
Snoods wrote
at 3:47 AM, Wednesday January 1, 2014 EST
Happy new year dj cya soon
Snoods wrote
at 9:45 AM, Tuesday December 24, 2013 EST
Happy Xmas dj gl
Snoods wrote
at 9:44 AM, Tuesday December 24, 2013 EST
Happy Xmas dj gl
TLP wrote
at 3:09 PM, Saturday September 1, 2012 EDT
another great month in August DJ, good luck for September
DJ23 wrote
at 11:46 AM, Saturday March 3, 2012 EST
ty tlp all
TLP wrote
at 11:49 AM, Thursday March 1, 2012 EST
Well done DJ, good late run to 2nd!
lynnmay wrote
at 9:36 AM, Thursday September 1, 2011 EDT
wooooooot!!! good job!!
Big DEN wrote
at 2:01 PM, Sunday May 1, 2011 EDT
dj nice job...i think it takes a retired person or just a bored person with way too much time on his or hers hands to take 1st place...
Big DEN wrote
at 4:52 PM, Friday April 1, 2011 EDT
i really meant that, would like to talk to you, I can't play as ofen as I would like my wife does like me playing... don't ask...is it more tournaments? would like your input on my game... would like to have you as my gpoker mentor...
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