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sherryt wrote
at 5:40 PM, Saturday January 19, 2013 EST
Gramps I have tried to get your attention to talk to you with no luck. I am starting a night job which will limit my playing to at most one tourney day so I won t see you very much. I tried to play tables to get in top 100 this month but lost mostly lol. I wondered if you could ever call overseas. I might can one day just not at this time. Will miss seeing you. Keep in touch.
schmooz10 wrote
at 10:06 PM, Friday December 21, 2012 EST
May you and your family have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very happy new year,
kellykellymoore wrote
at 8:15 PM, Sunday April 1, 2012 EDT
Nice job on the medal, gramps! Good luck in April. =)
schmooz10 wrote
at 8:01 PM, Saturday December 10, 2011 EST
Hope you and your family have a very merry xmas and a happy and wonderful new year.
lynnmay wrote
at 9:45 AM, Thursday September 1, 2011 EDT
wooooooot!!! good job!!
gramps4 wrote
at 10:21 AM, Wednesday June 8, 2011 EDT
ive had a bit of luck lately, ur turn will come u mark my words, u just have to bide your time
sherryt wrote
at 8:55 AM, Wednesday June 8, 2011 EDT
I would say let's play heads up sometimes but I hate the thought of being massacred like that
sherryt wrote
at 7:00 PM, Saturday June 4, 2011 EDT
send me a note sometime to my email address [email protected] - would love to hear from you
gramps4 wrote
at 10:48 AM, Friday October 1, 2010 EDT
gramps4 wrote
at 8:21 AM, Friday October 1, 2010 EDT
i once was here but now im gone, back within 8 wks
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