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please refrain from vulgar language towards players. next time will be a longer chat ban +chat gnice37 1:31 PM, Monday October 13, 2014 EDT
received an email about your language. take a few days off from chat and learn how to speak to ppl -chat gnice37 2:34 PM, Monday October 6, 2014 EDT
Stop using the inflamatory pictures or lose the right to choose one. Thank you for your co-operation. -avatar TLP 9:08 AM, Monday July 9, 2012 EDT
You know this picture isnt acceptable. Please choose another. -avatar TLP 11:27 AM, Sunday March 25, 2012 EDT
Promises to use unoffensive pic +changeAvatar TLP 11:46 AM, Wednesday December 7, 2011 EST
offensive avatar has been warned before by tlp -changeAvatar -re-register -avatar lynnmay 6:54 PM, Saturday November 5, 2011 EDT
Giving another chance to choose a PLEASANT avatar. Let me down and privilege will be withdrawn for good. :-) +changeAvatar TLP 5:59 PM, Tuesday May 24, 2011 EDT
You were asked to NOT use controversial avatars. You chose to reinstate just such an avatar. Your ability to choose is removed. -changeAvatar -avatar TLP 7:06 AM, Thursday May 19, 2011 EDT
There have been complaints about the topic your avatar depicts and it has been reset. Choose a more appropriate less controversial one please. If you choose another with the same topic then you will lose the privilege to choose. -avatar TLP 2:53 AM, Wednesday May 18, 2011 EDT
Chat restored. Sorry for the delay. +chat +post Marice 7:00 PM, Saturday April 25, 2009 EDT
Muted for 2 days for disguisting language. -chat -post Marice 4:04 PM, Sunday April 12, 2009 EDT

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sigic: i gace some chips to my friend and whats wron g? HARRY Carrey: yea what a pathetic loooooooosder sigic: call police HTLRSS: we dont give a fuck u ass licker HARRY Carrey: fbi? deer food: read the rules IDIOT HTLRSS: fuck the rules HTLRSS: and fuck you
deer food on Thursday September 6, 2012
bumrush on Thursday May 12, 2011
VERY funny player. Cracks me up to no end! XD Keep 'em comin' HTLR!!
Dominic Santiago on Wednesday March 25, 2009
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