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gnice37 wrote
at 5:31 PM, Wednesday December 13, 2017 EST
nice...thought you were better than that. i also know all the accts and you should of at least tried to use different ips, not where you live
shylo wrote
at 3:36 PM, Tuesday November 27, 2012 EST
Be well soon, my friend, I will be praying for you :)
shylo wrote
at 3:35 PM, Monday October 29, 2012 EDT
Hope all is well with you :)
shylo wrote
at 8:38 AM, Monday October 15, 2012 EDT
Where are you, Missing you!!
shylo wrote
at 11:06 PM, Tuesday July 31, 2012 EDT
nice job! congrats rmartini!
rmartini wrote
at 9:33 AM, Monday July 23, 2012 EDT
Thanks doc! Hella funny that you just got done saying this like one minute before this hand:)

21jumpstreet: always check your pocket 10 10 when you hit a 10 on flop

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Ts, Tc]
Kyrthis calls
hanuta raises $400
ciccia calls
George Savitsky calls
Goodfun_Don folds
21jumpstreet calls
rmartini calls
sinker calls
Kyrthis calls
Dealing flop: [5h, 7s, Th]
rmartini checks
sinker checks
Kyrthis bets $2,000
hanuta raises $21,486
ciccia folds
George Savitsky folds
21jumpstreet folds
rmartini calls
sinker folds
Kyrthis folds
Dealing turn: [Jc]
Dealing river: [5d]
rmartini shows [Ts, Tc] for a full house, tens full of fives
hanuta shows [Qs, Qc] for two pair, Queens and fives
rmartini wins main pot $42,000
hanuta wins side pot $2,886
kellykellymoore wrote
at 11:41 PM, Saturday June 2, 2012 EDT
Nice job this month, Jack!! (and ty) Hugs and I'll talk to you soon. Check your email!
shylo wrote
at 11:10 PM, Thursday May 31, 2012 EDT
very nice! top 25! great job!
shylo wrote
at 12:08 AM, Tuesday May 1, 2012 EDT
Awesome Job!!
shylo wrote
at 4:45 PM, Friday April 6, 2012 EDT
Good Luck!!!
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