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please follow rules...thx and gl +chat +play +post gnice37 11:56 PM, Thursday June 2, 2016 EDT
playing 2 accts at same time (spa21788) (jasonmckenna87) when previously checked same ip, player changed his ip -chat -play -post gnice37 5:56 PM, Sunday May 29, 2016 EDT
Restored. Any further instances of any kind will result in a one month ban. +chat +play +post kellykellymoore 12:44 PM, Friday May 20, 2016 EDT
removed for playing two accts on two tables after being warned -chat -play -post kellykellymoore 7:32 PM, Tuesday May 17, 2016 EDT

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ay jason just wanted to say that your tournamet play is to be held with reguard. who is your bud on the ass watch , something im sure he heard alot comming up ,being of small note. ay like i said Mr. wow..........rjones/ n, calif.
romeojones on Sunday February 24, 2013
Hannah1 on Thursday July 26, 2012
Mar 17, 5:25 AM CDT $10,162 (-10,162) 2,591st OOPS
"""landlord""" on Saturday March 17, 2012
Adriana81 on Wednesday March 7, 2012
alright jas, MW3 is shit mate i dont play it! gpokr is worse than MW3 now aswell to many donkeys here so i wont play this crap much anymore, but real reason is i got a new job role in work so dont really have time anymore so u will have to kill these stupid [email protected] on your own. see u when i get a spare 10 mins or so to get on. good luck an take care jas
john27 on Friday November 25, 2011
jas.i told you he*s a back stabbing shit.next time listen m8. see you on tables gl m8.
mark07 on Sunday January 23, 2011
THIS JUST ABOUT SUMS YOU UP!!!!! and proves i was right. jasonmckenna87: i could call and give u some of the chips i took off u but i wont
"pebble" on Friday January 21, 2011
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