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idraulico wrote at 7:13 PM, Sunday July 1, 2012 CDT reid10: i give u this b4 i go m8 reid10: call reid10: bet reid10: gl guys idannis: gn googiemo: ty nite idannis: ty reid10: idannis give him enough so he gets blue reid10: 200k shud be enough googiemo: thnx reid reid10: np m8 reid10: u still get 4th idannis reid10: u going too? idannis: last one reid10: idannis m8#? idannis: gl G idannis: n gn googiemo: ty u2 idannis: so u stay??? reid10: call reid10: bet reid10: im going to bed idannis just makin sure he gets blue idannis: oh ok idannis: u ok m8 reid10: u defo get it now m8 joesph is here googiemo: ty nite guys reid10: gn m8 idannis: gn idannis: how long??
Hevad Khan on Thursday July 12, 2012
i like you
Punk In Drublic on Monday December 19, 2011
super pebble on Friday November 12, 2010
well done m8!!!!
"pebble" on Friday October 1, 2010
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