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the other side of Roosje...http://roosje318.blogspot.com/
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What picture?i don't remember sending you any of my picture.. Not even a Vietnamese troll doll picture...
Roosje318 on Monday August 4, 2014
Very Strong Player...Can Be Very Sweet & Fun at the tables... tc.. Roo
Bama Girl on Wednesday May 1, 2013
sounds juicy.........can we have more details please!!
"pebble" on Thursday April 25, 2013
Seems Roo wants to play games... I tried to take the high road Roo...You keep comming to tables I am at with your nasty comments... "truth" RP was embarrassed when You sent your real pic. He said you look like a short Vietnamese Troll Doll... He ran like heck... Better stick with the fake avatar pic so you dont scare other Men off... Please dont mess with Me Princess lyne... I can play your games all day... Would rather play pokr...
The Caller on Thursday April 25, 2013
Roosje318 i m ............
alcaide on Tuesday December 11, 2012
Ramu you dummie Roosjie is not real. She a figment of my perverted imagination.
21jumpstreet on Wednesday July 4, 2012
How you add me to firends?
belvina on Friday June 1, 2012
Will you be my valentine
GpokrValentine on Monday February 13, 2012
bobaloo on Thursday January 26, 2012
hi this ramu ,simple ramu i really like u as frnd be a frnd to frnd plz by take care
@ramuvunnam on Monday December 5, 2011
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