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This player has been modded by the community

restored....please be considerate of others and stop w/ the harassment +chat +post gnice37 10:07 PM, Tuesday November 6, 2018 EST
. +play +re-register gnice37 6:48 PM, Monday October 1, 2018 EDT
. -re-register gnice37 12:13 PM, Saturday September 15, 2018 EDT
removed till october 1st...tried talking to you, muting you and you just keep it up. -play gnice37 1:35 PM, Thursday August 30, 2018 EDT
muted...i have talked to you quite a bit about the harassment to members...not talking about it anymore. -chat -post gnice37 8:43 PM, Tuesday August 28, 2018 EDT
You were asked by two other mods to please choose a more appropriate avatar. Since you won't do it on your own, I will help. -avatar kellykellymoore 1:01 AM, Tuesday June 23, 2015 EDT
unacceptable avatar. Choose better. I see this again, you dont have a choice. -avatar TLP 4:41 PM, Sunday March 31, 2013 EDT

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Haywood, you are a good guy and player. These guys have nothing else to do but don't worry about it, we both know that this is all bs anyways! Lol If anyone has a problem it would be Ryan and he ain't complaining. ... sooo peeps like DICK TUCKER are throwing stones in a glass house because he was pulled up for similar crap, and that's all it is! I might even follow ur lead and see if a certain mod likes an F in front of their name? Most players think that there are bigger problems going on but the ppl that might help worry about this crappola, sad sad sad. C ya on tables tiger! ð???
norteeeizm on Thursday July 28, 2016
Bad at poker, and a terrible person too.
Dick Tucker on Monday June 13, 2016
say please
Haywood JaBlome on Thursday October 17, 2013
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