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so horrible at poker lol.. its funny hes so bad
Dick Tucker on Monday August 29, 2016
Very nice hand Khoi Starting Hand Dealing pocket cards: [9c, 9d] Khoi calls hangalooey calls Gliss raises $10,000 hotsteven31 calls giglio sits out giglio folds avi_25 calls pignolata calls JulesDogg calls -MD- calls Khoi calls hangalooey calls Dealing flop: [Ac, Ad, 9s] JulesDogg checks -MD- checks Khoi checks hangalooey checks Gliss checks hotsteven31 checks avi_25 bets $25,000 pignolata folds JulesDogg calls -MD- folds Khoi calls hangalooey raises $285,000 Gliss folds hotsteven31 folds avi_25 folds JulesDogg calls Khoi raises $520,000 JulesDogg calls Dealing turn: [3s] Dealing river: [2d] hangalooey shows [7s, Ah] for three Aces JulesDogg shows [9c, 9d] for a full house, nines full of Aces Khoi shows [9h, As] for a full house, Aces full of nines Khoi wins main pot $960,000 Khoi wins side pot $410,000 Khoi wins side pot $55,000 hangalooey stands up JulesDogg stands up giglio stands up
JulesDogg on Thursday May 23, 2013
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