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gnice37 wrote
at 5:21 PM, Friday June 12, 2015 EDT
after a discussion with other advisors, a 3 day ban will be in effect for these 2 players, since this is their first offense.Any other issues like this and you will be removed for the month along with your chips
gnice37 wrote
at 7:57 PM, Wednesday April 22, 2015 EDT
you got upset before I finished talking to you. so this was all of my responses. I am a very fair mod.

gnice37: vag so you know i do not have favorites on here

gnice37: he did apologize to you

gnice37: also he was banned for playing 3 accts. he does not have a warning for language . so i gave him a verbal warning like i would any player

gnice37: i also posted a warning on his wall, so if any other mods see that. next time he will be muted for 3 days
gnice37 wrote
at 2:48 PM, Thursday January 29, 2015 EST

Vag shows [Qd, Qc] for four Queens

asiamagoo shows [7h, As] for two pair, Queens and sevens

Vag wins main pot $47,000
gnice37 wrote
at 6:30 PM, Saturday December 27, 2014 EST
Vag, I have reprimanded the players that attacked you in the recent forum. none of them have ever been warned. as a rule of thumb we give a warning first, before taking any action on their chat. all mods see these warnings. so if another mod witnesses or gets a forum about harassment or the language they will act on it. I think one of the worst things is keeping the ball rolling, next time please find me and I will come to table and watch so proper actions can be taken. Also, if you cannot find me, please look for Gregory k, that is me also. thx and good luck
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