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lost ability for avatar....2nd time inappropriate avatar -changeAvatar gnice37 7:49 PM, Thursday January 16, 2020 EST
inappropriate avatar ...please choose another -avatar gnice37 7:36 PM, Thursday March 21, 2019 EDT
removing posting ability again for spamming and mindless nonsense... -post -re-register KC 97 10:17 PM, Friday August 10, 2018 EDT
removed again for spamming -chat gnice37 9:55 PM, Friday April 20, 2018 EDT
please follow the rules no spamming the chat box, next time will be permanent mute...thx and gl +chat +post gnice37 4:14 PM, Thursday March 29, 2018 EDT
forum post removed...spamming forum w/ nonsense -post gnice37 9:48 AM, Sunday October 29, 2017 EDT
2nd time i have removed your chat for nonsense chat in chat box...will return when i feel you have grown up -chat gnice37 4:09 PM, Friday October 20, 2017 EDT
please respect other players and stop spamming chat box +chat +post gnice37 10:26 PM, Tuesday June 13, 2017 EDT
please respect other players and stop spamming chat box +chat +post gnice37 10:25 PM, Tuesday June 13, 2017 EDT
removed chat...annoying and spamming chat box -chat gnice37 9:14 PM, Friday June 9, 2017 EDT
please choose a more appropriate avatar. Thanks -avatar kellykellymoore 6:45 AM, Friday September 16, 2016 EDT

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Golden player
@VunnamRamu on Monday July 2, 2018
THIS PLAYER IS COMPLETELY NUTS.......... Juha13: Or you help me so lot. Juha13: Puhu äänellä jonka kuulen. mgb1 is here mt pockets has left playerdjmc has left Juha13: AA AA KK KK QQ QQ... pocket pierthr is here asiamagoo is here Juha13: biggest to lowest age straight before it works. asiamagoo has left richjessica336 has left richjessica336 is here richjessica336 has left Juha13: What ever you ever want or no tool HomelessGenius has left Juha13: So what it is? ALL IN bad taste has left Juha13: No Juha13: so easy Juha13: male + female? Juha13: JK? Juha13: never ever lie or fuck everyone roby85 has left billys boy has left Juha13: And once you fuck... Juha13: you know more than God Juha13: Use4less piece of shit Juha13: There no domination Juha13: there sense or no
elbbep on Wednesday September 20, 2017
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