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vince carter

"Per favore, mettilo all in!?!"
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Do not understand why muted, chat restored +chat TLP 3:34 PM, Monday December 28, 2009 EST

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Fuck You!!
Sun Poker on Tuesday June 15, 2010
Always a gentleman. Good to see he's still in the charts.
Zimtok5 on Monday December 29, 2008
hey man, you do not know me, but so what, do not care where you are from or how you do it, congratulations on April, I have helped others too, but can understand the hostility you must be getting. you are a hell of a card player---good luck
perchbait on Thursday May 1, 2008
Vince, you almost made me cry with your note!! Thank you and YES I accept your apology. Good Luck this month.
annat on Thursday May 1, 2008
Vince - Ryan just told me that there is a glitch where if someone changes their pic, they get added to your favs. I don't think that you have changed your pic, but a glitch is a glitch. I did not realize this. Please disregard previous note. Thank you!
annat on Wednesday April 30, 2008
You suck! And stop stalking little girls!
sboll on Wednesday April 30, 2008
Vince - Why did you put me on your favs today? Don't think that I have ever spoke to you. Just because I went into a room to play and you were loaning. I didn't sit in as I don't want to be part of that and did not want my name in the forum where everyone and there dog is calling you out on your loaning. I have watched you play before and don't care for your style of re-raising every second hand. Please remove me from your favs as I am not your friend or enemy. Thank you!
annat on Wednesday April 30, 2008
if you are using a bot..man thats fuking awesome..would love to bust some guys on here..im sure you have a few you would want to bust also..so if you need any help, man i would LOVE to be used to busting folks..
James Ray on Sunday April 27, 2008
furaxe on Friday April 25, 2008
c'mon.. rly? playing with a robot on a free site like this? better use it on paysites when it works..!
masuhujo on Thursday April 24, 2008
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