All In with crap cards :D
Phantom Crap wrote
at 4:01 AM, Thursday January 3, 2008 EST
sometimes, 10,3 off beats AA :D

32 people think this is a good idea

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refill.king wrote
at 4:54 AM, Thursday January 3, 2008 EST
they cant play poker dude!
kdicefreak wrote
at 11:07 PM, Thursday January 3, 2008 EST
i call that pussy bets
cAPSLOCK wrote
at 5:05 PM, Thursday January 17, 2008 EST
Even when a GOOD player resorts to this method when he is starting out with the 1500 - it sets a sort of mental precedent that is had to shake.

The double up bell will ring in his head every time he hits top pair or bottom two...

And before he knows it POOF! Refill time and back to all-in. The cycle is reinforced.

All in pre (or post) flop is an important but very specialized and risky weapon in our arsenal.

It is used way too often and is reflected in refill counts.

But yes... it's a great strategy... use it!

I'll be waiting for your chips.
Flragnararch wrote
at 2:57 PM, Wednesday January 23, 2008 EST
By all means use it. More chips for me :D

And I'm quite sure I gained a good portion of my rank off 1500 all in'ers
Chaz84 wrote
at 2:10 AM, Sunday January 27, 2008 EST
GPOKR is fun, I do agree, and i know it's free, which is because of Ryan. How can we, as a GROUP OF PLAYERS, change this into a REAL: HOUSE EVENT! All-In people, cant you track it. These people are fast food but, cant we change this from a practice avent to a real change to a real poker event,. Lets give to people who play and less to dit shits who dont!!!!
brocky000 wrote
at 5:51 PM, Wednesday March 26, 2008 EDT
Until I get to the bigger tables, I play all in most hands. When you get to the 500/1000 blinds, you can start to play proper poker.
alfdog wrote
at 7:02 AM, Tuesday April 1, 2008 EDT
you could set a daily refill limit, but people would just keep playing multiple accounts like they do now

you could also increase the rebuy time, but I think that would drive people away from the site

maybe progressively longer rebuy times per day?
15min 30min 45min?

I think people with 5 rotating "all-in" accounts are annoying, but all they are doing is pretty much increasing the total chip pool

sboll wrote
at 8:10 AM, Tuesday April 1, 2008 EDT
Why are the dates on top of the posts in Dutch (or Afrikaans or whatever that is)?
fundure wrote
at 2:30 PM, Tuesday April 1, 2008 EDT
Lois 1 knows only one option: "all in". She had over 500 refills in March and ends up in the top 100. I thought that was for skilled players. Silly me.
Lightfighter wrote
at 10:45 PM, Friday April 11, 2008 EDT
When the cards come they come. When they don't, they don't.

If you're riding the wave and everything coming your way is turning into gold, playing crap cards more agressively is often effective.
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