Poker Teaser from JulesDogg
JulesDogg wrote
at 12:11 PM, Thursday January 10, 2008 EST
You are on the button with Qh - Qs. Two players ahead of you limp-in and you raise to 6x the big blind. The big blind calls your raise and everyone else folds. The flop comes Qd - 10d - 5d and your opponent checks.

You should:

A. Push all-in
B. Make a substantial raise
C. Check
D. Make a small raise

15 people think this is a good idea

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the saint 69 wrote
at 12:22 PM, Thursday January 10, 2008 EST
b for me
Gr8Scott wrote
at 2:11 PM, Thursday January 10, 2008 EST
because of the possibility of a flush...I'd C. Check

Thanks Jules.
Flyingpenguins wrote
at 4:15 PM, Thursday January 10, 2008 EST
i say all in
Country Girl wrote
at 5:25 PM, Thursday January 10, 2008 EST
I say CHECK! This will, possibly, make him think you did not get the cards you wanted and he has the better hand and will bet! The others will only cause him to fold! ???????? Just my thinking! LOL
Dude1231 wrote
at 7:59 PM, Friday January 11, 2008 EST
D. Feeler Bet !

Much more info that way.

If you go:
A: If he has the Flush, you really need to luck ut :D
B: 2 things here - If he has the flush read A., if he doesnt, the bet will prolly scare him away.
C: Now what kind of info do you get here ? - Nada !. If he has the flush, he will chack right behind you, and the raise you bet on 4th or 5th street.
D: Bingo: Best thing to do, 3 things can happen.
1. You take the post right here and now, not a bad thing, money in the bank.
2. He re-raises you, and you fold. You dont loose alot
3. He calls, now you can put him on a draw or a pair (10s prolly)

So you gain alot of info, from the right bet :D

Right ?
.......... wrote
at 2:38 PM, Saturday January 12, 2008 EST
b. aggression wins
masuhujo wrote
at 2:20 PM, Tuesday January 15, 2008 EST
B, but i stink!
Country Girl wrote
at 7:28 PM, Tuesday January 15, 2008 EST
Times up! What is ur answer????????
El Brujo wrote
at 4:40 AM, Wednesday January 16, 2008 EST
All those that chose 'B' Make a substantial raise, well done.
cAPSLOCK wrote
at 2:36 PM, Thursday January 17, 2008 EST
I Really think all of these should be employed depending on who you are up against. Even all-in (the least good strategy imo) is good if you're playing the right sort of person (big bravado - sees all-in as a challenge to their strength).

I think answer B is "textbook ABC poker". But I think sometimes "XYZ unpredictable" is also valuable!
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