site ran by a fag
Jaguar531 wrote
at 8:19 PM, Thursday June 3, 2010 EDT
get somone who can fix the site. not a fucking fag to lazy to fix it.

12 people think this is a good idea

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myerlyn wrote
at 3:14 PM, Friday June 4, 2010 EDT
If Im right,the site is for sale.How about you buying it a fix it for us all.
Gurgi wrote
at 10:44 PM, Sunday June 6, 2010 EDT
I'd buy it if i could

define fixing tho
Lblack wrote
at 12:43 AM, Monday June 7, 2010 EDT
@myer....I would like to know who you heard that from...
Rabid Womble wrote
at 12:14 PM, Monday June 7, 2010 EDT
Anyone willing to pay the $9 that this site is worth? I feel it is over-valued but would invest $3.
Gurgi wrote
at 6:35 PM, Monday June 7, 2010 EDT
together rabid, we could rule this site
Punk In Drublic wrote
at 5:36 AM, Wednesday June 16, 2010 EDT
this will raise some pulses
gazster wrote
at 3:58 PM, Monday August 16, 2010 EDT
is it for sale ?
10_7_2 wrote
at 3:47 PM, Tuesday August 17, 2010 EDT
Whilst I do not agree with the topic line....

I will bid $1072 for it!
ForestGnome wrote
at 8:06 PM, Thursday February 3, 2011 EST
nobody is stopping you from making your own poker site jag :P
merhoops wrote
at 9:36 PM, Thursday February 3, 2011 EST
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