This should not be allowed
ccsis wrote
at 5:01 AM, Friday February 6, 2015 EST
garysmig: any niggers on this table can u leave dont like them

11 people think this is a good idea

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crazy mike wrote
at 11:01 AM, Wednesday February 11, 2015 EST
i got banded for life for useing that word
black-rainbows wrote
at 12:02 PM, Wednesday February 11, 2015 EST
Why would you use this word in the first place?
crazy mike wrote
at 4:47 PM, Wednesday February 11, 2015 EST
it is just as bad as any other word you see on here you all need to come out of the 19th century
Bama Girl wrote
at 8:05 PM, Wednesday February 11, 2015 EST
No mike, It is racist and should not be allowed..
KC 97 wrote
at 9:52 PM, Wednesday February 11, 2015 EST
player has been banned...
elbbep wrote
at 5:02 AM, Thursday February 12, 2015 EST
If you used that word mike, and you have admitted that you have!!...Then you are a racist... simple as that!
john27 wrote
at 10:21 AM, Thursday February 12, 2015 EST
KC i have a Serious question for you???

Why can black people call each other Nigga on here on nothing gets mentioned in the forum???
(I know Gary has meant this in a racist manner)
Am not trying to defend him because he is way out of order and needs banning!!! I will even give him a punch when i see him because i introduced him to this site!!!!

I have had this argument with many players i have played with on here over the years and am not a racist!
If someone sits and says 'hey Nigga' what's up??? and someone reports it will he be banned??

Am a firm believer in each to their own so if you allow black people to call each other Nigga on here, it should be ok for White people saying it if they spell it correctly??

This comment is just a curious question that has bugged me ever since i started playing on this site.

Bama Girl wrote
at 3:32 PM, Thursday February 12, 2015 EST
Thanks KC Glad to hear it, Job well done!!!
bigbeno wrote
at 2:15 PM, Friday February 13, 2015 EST
does this mean I get the first place medal for that month KC?
4x4guner wrote
at 9:10 PM, Saturday February 14, 2015 EST
If you look in the dictionary the work in question can be used in any race or person. Its how you use it & to who you use it to. Songs ???
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