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gnice37 wrote
at 3:36 PM, Tuesday November 3, 2015 EST
thanks for participating in the newsletter Dari.
msufan1313 wrote
at 8:09 PM, Sunday December 1, 2013 EST
Congrats Dari! Very well done last month! Hope all is well...
TLP wrote
at 3:10 PM, Saturday September 1, 2012 EDT
Very well played Dari, congrats on 3rd hun, good luck for September (but not against me ;) )
Chianti wrote
at 9:14 AM, Sunday January 1, 2012 EST
happy new barolo 2012 and millions of bucks to come.
TLP wrote
at 6:57 PM, Thursday June 30, 2011 EDT
Good Job Dari Well Done hun
JoFan wrote
at 12:04 PM, Wednesday September 1, 2010 EDT
Congratulations buddy!
gazster wrote
at 2:56 PM, Tuesday July 13, 2010 EDT
ur a bit of a bean head aint you ?
Dari wrote
at 1:17 AM, Wednesday July 1, 2009 EDT
I'm a mix of Asian, European and African world. Living in Belgium at the moment.
Keep it nice girlzzzzzzzzz.....
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