General Rules

  1. Do not use pornography avatars

  2. Do not harrass people

  3. Do not use hate language or avatars

Game Rules

  1. Transferring money between accounts is not allowed

  2. Play only one account at a time

  3. Loaning money is not allowed

Violating the rules can result in your chips being reset, certain abilities being blocked, or your account being banned. Rules are enforced by the following advisors:

Advisor Primary Game Status
KC 97 GPokr offline since 23:00:10 Oct 19, 2017 EDT
gnice37 GPokr offline since 08:32:43 Oct 15, 2017 EDT
kellykellymoore GPokr offline since 02:26:21 Oct 11, 2017 EDT
Hammster GPokr offline since 22:15:46 Sep 20, 2017 EDT
Ryan GPokr offline since 23:30:37 Sep 02, 2017 EDT
mystery man GPokr offline since 18:11:21 Aug 29, 2017 EDT
lynnmay GPokr offline since 22:28:00 Aug 17, 2017 EDT
TLP GPokr offline since 16:37:42 Jun 04, 2017 EDT
annat GPokr offline since 19:28:40 Jul 16, 2015 EDT
river bum GPokr offline since 19:01:13 Apr 07, 2015 EDT
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GPokr is a free texas holdem poker game that is played in monthly competitions.
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