andorka (Jul 24, 2021 at 12:39:57 EDT): W00PW00PW00P wins $201,124

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W00PW00PW00P wrote
at 1:00 PM, Saturday July 24, 2021 EDT
Hands that I raise preflop, call flop, and turn reraise jam:
for value:
KQs (?), KJs (?), QJs
as a bluff:
As7x, As6x, As5x

My actual hand was 8s8x, which in hindsight is probably a pretty bad bluff candidate. I block the straight, which is the main thing I'm trying to get to fold, and I have two outs if I'm behind. Hands like 9s9x also a bad candidate.

papacharlie was playing super nitty, so I was opening my bluff range, but still hands like As9x, As8x are better candidates.
W00PW00PW00P wrote
at 1:03 PM, Saturday July 24, 2021 EDT
I would've reraised the flop w/ hands like A9s, A8s, KTs, K9s, K8s, QTs, Q9s, Q8s, JTs, J9s, J8s, T9s, T8s, etc, etc.
W00PW00PW00P wrote
at 1:17 PM, Saturday July 24, 2021 EDT
hmmm, maybe KTs, QTs, JTs are actually good calls on the flops, so then my turn shove range could be:

KQs, KJs, KTs, QJs, QTs, JTs (6 hands)
as a bluff:
As7x (3 hands)

which gives me 2:1 bluffs to value, which is perfect because I'm giving him 2:1 pot odds. I can then leave As6x, As5x as bluff candidates for the river.

And then to adjust it for papa being nitty, we can do:

KQs, KJs, KTs, QJs, QTs, JTs (6 hands)
as a bluff:
As7x As6x (6 hands)

To include 8s8x, then we need as bluffs:
As7x, As6x, As5x, As9x, As8x, 9s9x (23 hands)
as well, which is insanely bluff heavy.

So yeah, terrible bluff on my part. Glad it worked out.
W00PW00PW00P wrote
at 1:22 PM, Saturday July 24, 2021 EDT
Maybe K6-2s and Q6-2s are also in my opening range, giving me an extra 8 value hands, allowing me to include As6x normally and As5x against nits. Still don't like As9x, even against nits.
W00PW00PW00P wrote
at 1:24 PM, Saturday July 24, 2021 EDT
J6-2s are not in my opening range.
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