too many problems----one solution
Tennister wrote
at 9:11 AM, Saturday November 11, 2017 EST
There are too many problems on this site. It is no longer enjoyable to play. I suggest that all
players (including mods) stop playing. This will
compel Mr Ryan to fix the site. We will come when the site is enjoyable again. Let's discuss this suggestion. Let's unite. Post your opinion on this matter. Thx

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Xplus1 wrote
at 10:26 AM, Saturday November 11, 2017 EST
Hip Hip Hurray
JulesDogg wrote
at 12:32 PM, Saturday November 11, 2017 EST
Do you really think Ryan will be compelled to fix the site when nobody is playing here?
Tennister wrote
at 3:27 PM, Saturday November 11, 2017 EST
yes, Jules I think so, if not what will?
LaGtAsTiC wrote
at 4:01 PM, Saturday November 11, 2017 EST
ryan worked on site today...seems to be much better
norteeeizm wrote
at 3:58 AM, Sunday November 12, 2017 EST
Lagg seems alot better, gl
JulesDogg wrote
at 9:16 AM, Sunday November 12, 2017 EST
Tenn, you'll have to explain how you draw your conclusion as I am struggling to understand.

In my view, zero players would indicate that the site is dead. How would that motivate someone to make improvements? Who would benefit from the improvements?

madness14 wrote
at 4:56 PM, Sunday November 12, 2017 EST
I believe if Ryan knew the reason and saw the action of no one playing he would. Trouble is there is always someone who wants to play gpokr and will continue to no matter what. Ryan needs to shut the site down and work on it with no players. Hard to fix something when he trying not to cause any problems with tourneys and people playing at tables.
goforit wrote
at 10:29 PM, Tuesday November 28, 2017 EST
I was told that Ryan used a Google program to create this site so maybe Google could explain or fix the lag problem.
at 5:40 PM, Thursday November 30, 2017 EST
There is only one problem............RYAN.!

grump wrote
at 10:17 AM, Tuesday December 5, 2017 EST
my offer stil stands ryan. You have my email
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