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ATClocker ""
by LaGtAsTiC
Friday December 15, 2017
M_A_N ""
by bwana1964dg
Saturday December 9, 2017
BruinsWin ""
by BruinsWin
Tuesday November 7, 2017
noddy11 "if the acct iamZEUS is brandinho, then why does it come up on rob's acct? he was the one that told me, sell it like you want, i reviewed the hands and it def looks like transferring, i am pretty sure i warned both of you this would happen if i got the info of you two playing heads up and the ips matched, which they did. furthermore, you should only play your own accts and if you play heads up w/ only mikes accts, it def makes it look like transferring...remember i did watch the hands in question and no reason at all should you have called an all in (btw they werent all in preflop)"
by gnice37
Friday November 3, 2017
gnice37 "hey greg i have to say what you did to mike was wrong him and i played heads up on a lot of his acts because i have all of them so you should have talked to us before doing what you did and that zeus guy is just mad because mike took 1st place when bought the chips and i killed him so you should talk to him and lift the ban zeus is brandio and he is just a little rat "
by noddy11
Friday November 3, 2017
POKRMAN1 "get back here, luck box! "
by MST3000!
Thursday November 2, 2017
roby85 "what an idiot elbbep"
by roby85
Tuesday October 31, 2017
Augustino "Why i am not at level 53 withy 65087 more ?"
by Augustino
Saturday October 28, 2017
Luke Schwartz ""
by MST3000!
Monday October 23, 2017
Deucem "lol, lynnmay lynnmay ..."
by JoFan
Monday October 23, 2017
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