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SpookyAnnya2 "great game gl "
by last01
Friday June 23, 2017
The Fly ""
by hitjoebong
Thursday June 22, 2017
kellykellymoore "I think you will find posting abilities is only on peoples walls and in forum. Taking away that doesnt include reviews. "
by ***Insane***
Wednesday June 21, 2017
***Insane*** "Hi, just to clarify, Greg and I speak about almost every GPokr issue, and we include KC when we can. DT's posting ability was restored so that he could overwrite the bad review he gave Bama, no other reason. We don't override each other, we work together. Good luck at tables."
by kellykellymoore
Wednesday June 21, 2017
Flying Cow "please refrain from using racist language and namecalling...consider this a time you will lose your chat for a period of time..."
by KC 97
Wednesday June 21, 2017
Dick Tucker "Amazing one mod says dont ask for anything back after this guys history and then da da along comes the mod who is never on or sits at empty tables and over rules what the other mod has said. Another pet obviously. How many times does one need to offend and write such stupid posts that offends players before what a mod who is a mod says goes."
by ***Insane***
Sunday June 18, 2017
KC 97 "I appreciate the concern and thoughts KC, I hope you could see I was respectful with Bama and everyone at the table when I was playing. As I stated to the other mods, my post was strictly done to get her to smile and laugh, I had no intention to piss her off or ruin her day. If I wanted to be a dbag I would've been, Im guilty of that in the past Ill agree too, but in this case I promise you this was harmless and I was looking to avoid any issues."
by Dick Tucker
Saturday June 17, 2017
Bama Girl "No problem!! ty"
by Bama Girl
Thursday June 15, 2017
jjab "a very bad player"
by Dick Tucker
Wednesday June 14, 2017
gnice37 "greg do me a favour bud and ban that piece of shit DRAGON ZORD THE MOUTH IS UNREAL CALLING EVERYONE NI...ERS not nice m8 plus the raping wife and killing there children "
Saturday June 10, 2017
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