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happytoscrap "LOL! Busted your ass."
by Big Al Rogorson
Tuesday April 7, 2020
gnice37 "cheat n.2"
by __10__
Monday April 6, 2020
W00PW00PW00P "first off i am not making accusations, i was at the table when you sat with both accounts...the rules state to only play 1 acct at a time. why would you have both accts logged on at the same time if you know the rules. I did put a warning on your wall like i do anyone that breaks the rules...dont take it personal, it was just a warning."
by gnice37
Thursday March 26, 2020
by Ramu the hacker
Wednesday March 25, 2020
JoFan "WTF is this all about???? oFan: the masks fell. in a town in a factory held by George Soros, a virus was made in the lab and that's where everything goes. The goal is for Trump to lose convincingly in the next election and the economic downturn globally, worldwide. vince carter has left fucingrigged has left JoFan: Fucking Jew, JUDA, that forehead family needs to be shot to crush their seed .. "
by "pebble"
Tuesday March 24, 2020
perspolis1 ""
by Ramu the hacker
Wednesday March 18, 2020
Yorkshire ""
by Ramu the hacker
Friday March 13, 2020
leon6854 ""
by Ramu the hacker
Thursday March 12, 2020
jacki o "Just fishing the whole time. Pointless all-ins. Arguably the worst player on gpokr. "
by black-rainbows
Tuesday March 10, 2020
elbbep ""
by Ramu the hacker
Sunday March 1, 2020
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