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RHX55 "fine"
by Hellisha
Tuesday November 10, 2020
Hellisha "i never said the call was good!, i said it was a nice hand, how he got there is irrelevant, to the fact it ended up a nice hand. and to call him a "fool" is harsh , considering its a fun , free poker site!"
by RHX55
Tuesday November 10, 2020
KC 97 "Mucker: 9c Kamakaze: DONT TAKE OFFENCE WHEN I CALL YOU A TWAT YOU TWAT Bootcamp is here Mucker: why call me that then Kamakaze: IT'S AN AFFECTIONATE WAY OF SAYING YOU TWAT Mucker: ok Kamakaze: LOL Bootcamp has left Kamakaze: THE BIGGEST TWAT IS THIS SITE Mucker: you dont mind me calling you a twat then Kamakaze: I HEAR YOU SAY "THEN WHY PLAY HERE" Bootcamp is here Kamakaze: NO, THE BEST COMPLIMENT ANYONE COULD PAY ME Kamakaze: I'M HALF IRISH, HALF SCOTTISH .....FFFSSSSSAAAAASSASSDDVGTGBVNMJLBKHFKUTF.KHCRDUTF Mucker: so your not human then lol Kamakaze: I'M ACTUALLY A PRIZE NTCU Kamakaze: SRY BOOTBOLLOX Bootcamp: Happens.... :) Kamakaze: THAT WAS COMPLETE BOOOOOOOLLLLLLLOOOOOOXXXXXX kacha_cha is here Kamakaze: MUCKER,,,,,A PRIME EXAMPLE OF WHO'S THE BIGGEST NCTU OF ALL TIME IS,,,,,,,,,,,RYYYYYYANNNNNN Kamakaze: RIVER WINNERS Kamakaze: SET UPS Kamakaze: PISS TAKES Kamakaze: HES A NACACISTIC CCCCCCCCCCCNUT Kamakaze: WOUD YOU SAY I WAS A NICE CALM PERSON?"
by "pebble"
Sunday November 8, 2020
Yorkshire " "
by elbbep
Saturday November 7, 2020
Pat12341234 ""
by Szibbs
Wednesday October 14, 2020
Chinese Rover ""
by bwana1964dg
Saturday October 10, 2020
HottShott "Sent this problem to Ryan and he is suppose to look into this ASAP...thx for letting me know."
by gnice37
Tuesday October 6, 2020
gnice37 "hey brother, my membership disappeared. I purchased another, never came. i purchased additional $5 bonuses just to see, never came. I am $40 dollars deep with no membership or any bonus. I have emailed [email protected] with no response a few times this month"
by HottShott
Monday October 5, 2020
SpookyAnnya2 "Super Star Spook "
by Ramu the hacker
Tuesday September 29, 2020
"pebble" "Lot of times u came close to gold, try hard it now, gl "
by Ramu the hacker
Friday September 25, 2020
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