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Greta Thunberg "oops <3"
by Celtic Frost Gir
Friday July 3, 2020
gnice37 "bivo is blocking the 250 tourney right now"
by PanzerRed
Thursday July 2, 2020
bigdaddy3 "Keep third place daddy "
by Ramu the hacker
Tuesday June 30, 2020
Juha13 "Unmute juha, its been long time "
by Ramu the hacker
Wednesday June 24, 2020
blackbox33 ""
by W00PW00PW00P
Tuesday June 23, 2020
W00PW00PW00P "W00PW00PW00P: everyone in real life is like, "Tommy ooohhhh you're so manly""
by Celtic Frost Gir
Tuesday June 23, 2020
TLP "UPDATED with new link at bottom: I am not, repeat NOT, asking you to do anything and I'm not trying to get bivo/kurton into trouble. But I'd like point out that of tranvestit's last 10 games over the course of 2 days, 9 were with bivo, 9 were with Kurton, and in 2 games (posted below), tranvestit typed in Serbo-Croatian-Bosnian (it's one language). And the 1 game where he didn't play with those 2 was with the fake limatraf account. So my point is that he's one of them and it doesn't matter what his IP address says. NEW: tranvestit threatening to block tourneys if I'm not banned:"
by PanzerRed
Tuesday June 23, 2020
black-rainbows "Learn from whom, you? Very funny. If you are such a maths genius and poker professional, how come I never see you anywhere near Top10? Oh I know why - because your strategy does not add up and provides you with nothing but short-term success in a given situation. "
by black-rainbows
Monday June 22, 2020
hwlgw "A buzzkiller who enjoys ruining other peoples games by going all in every second hand."
by black-rainbows
Sunday June 21, 2020
gpokrsucknow "bivo proxy"
by PanzerRed
Sunday June 14, 2020
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