RAMU VUNNAM is back ???
The Cure wrote
at 6:46 AM, Wednesday April 11, 2018 EDT
@Moremoney113: I joined free roll with 3 accounts so they banned my 8 accounts
Exstence: lol
ac......... has left
panties: gpokr tests your urine
MauiMaui has left
@Moremoney113: In free roll every where I am there players complained on me
RHX55: its a dope test because hes a dope
@Moremoney113: Lol
panties: n1
Exstence: ramu what u got?
cheapaschips is now level 21!
RHX55: Game Rules.....rule 2 Play only one account at a time
Exstence: etr0ihjertihret
buooo has left
buooo has left
szabzso has left
Exstence has left
@Moremoney113: At that time they think I had full house but I drank fully
Waaaahahahaha is here
Waaaahahahaha has left
@Moremoney113: Rx this much effort u will put another filed u will become great
BILLYJACK50 is here
gerrymander is here
RHX55: thx... mabe if you were to listen you too could be great
@Moremoney113: Gerry sorry
@Moremoney113 has left
@Moremoney113 is here
LoverofBoobs has left
RHX55: but you know what.... stupid is what stupid does
buooo is here
gerrymander: all good - i seriously didn't tthink it was you
@Moremoney113: For fun I am like that yesterday
pepe21 has left
pepe21 has left
@Moremoney113: Rx ur very serious about pokr I know it is ur life sorry wife
gerrymander: ?
@Moremoney113: Bi cu later
newhizzle has left
RHX55: not at all ramu... but you clearly are to want to cheat

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Haywood JaBlome wrote
at 9:05 AM, Wednesday April 11, 2018 EDT
Ramu would be a perfect MOD !
gnice37 wrote
at 1:08 PM, Wednesday April 11, 2018 EDT
spoke w/ ramu last night and i am aware that he is playing this acct. he is a new player and i explained the rules, so i am giving him another chance. if he cheats again with multiple accts, i will remove every account that he makes.
elbbep wrote
at 1:22 PM, Wednesday April 11, 2018 EDT
he was told the rules sunday, monday and yesterday, said he did not care and was having fun
The Cure wrote
at 8:43 AM, Friday April 13, 2018 EDT
Ramu also just said he joined freeroll with 3 acc's ??? And failed a dope test ???
I don't know how he failed the dope test because he's the biggest dope on here LOL :)
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