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leon6854 wrote
at 10:31 AM, Saturday July 6, 2019 EDT
Backbay and Asiamagoo was sitting on the tourney both on same time. Isn't uncorrect? Plus, one of them win more chips than others regular players.

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gnice37 wrote
at 7:35 PM, Saturday July 6, 2019 EDT
talked to this player, he accidentally joined w/ both. he has never done this before . thx for posting leon
GioAAA wrote
at 9:56 AM, Sunday July 7, 2019 EDT
Dear Greg,very lenient to that player.On the contrary very strict to me and Souziy1 who had been punished by you because you didn't accept my excuse and sorry.The fact was that while I was playing at a regular table, souziy1 accidentally logged in the same table being at the other room without playing not even a hand and logged out immediatly when the accident had been realised (May 8,2016).Thanks.
GioAAA wrote
at 10:01 AM, Sunday July 7, 2019 EDT
Sorry,Iwas meaning "sat in" and "sat out"instead of "logged in/out".
gnice37 wrote
at 3:53 PM, Sunday July 7, 2019 EDT
Gio i hardly even remember this situation since it was 3 yrs ago....usually i will chat w/ the player and give a verbal warning...i cant remember what even happened back then, but if i didnt give you a verbal warning first, i apologize
gnice37 wrote
at 3:57 PM, Sunday July 7, 2019 EDT
the Souziy1 acct is similar to another player i had lots of problems with cheating yrs ago, i may have confused your acct w/ Szunyi . looks like that might have been the issue....sorry m8
GioAAA wrote
at 8:54 AM, Monday July 8, 2019 EDT
Greg,I ensure you that there was not any verbal warning before the punishment for the above accidental fact.I also hope that I am consirered to be a decent person of this community.So I cannot stand that not right punishment to be shown in my profile as if I were a swindler.Hope you can correct that.Thanks.
GioAAA wrote
at 9:35 AM, Monday July 8, 2019 EDT
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