Winning hands
mgb1 wrote
at 7:08 PM, Sunday July 28, 2019 EDT
Why is it that if I have a straight, and a paying member has the same straight,I have a higher kicker, the pot is split?

If the paying member has a higher kicker they win the pot. Doesnâ??t this game have one set of rules, or are there special rules for paying members.

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gnice37 wrote
at 2:50 PM, Monday July 29, 2019 EDT
are you really asking about this ? i am beginning to think you have no clue about hold em....if you both have a straight....the kicker is not included so it would be a split pot....please remember it is the best of 5 cards.
mgb1 wrote
at 9:31 PM, Monday July 29, 2019 EDT
I have 7h, 8c
Member has 7s, 8d

Flop 9d, Qd, 3s

Turn 10 h

River. J h

Why would the paying member win. Same hands.

Donâ??t say it doesnâ??t happen. It has happened to me several times.
Because Iâ??m not a paying member, the paying member wins.

The reason I asked, Iâ??m tired of the favorite rules for paying members.

And I will continue to catch the favoritism for members.
My chips have not been returned for the 5000 players evening one from yesterday that had only 5 players signed up for it. Me being one of the five.the other four were either paying members, monitors,
Or contributor. I was left off of the table. EXPLAIN how that happened.

Thank you

greeen wrote
at 3:20 PM, Tuesday July 30, 2019 EDT
contributors keeps this site running like road runner
Haywood JaBlome wrote
at 4:37 PM, Tuesday July 30, 2019 EDT
Yer roadrunner is running in the wrong direction...your only contribution is the slow death of this site...
norteeeizm wrote
at 1:47 AM, Sunday August 4, 2019 EDT
You're always so negative. I usually have a laugh. A hy don't you redirect the spite and come up with some solutions? You have been around long enough to know how this site works. When you win a hand against a member you have never acknowledged it? Play the game be happy and come up with some ideas to help it move forward. They might go un answered but at least you gave it a go...

*And why*
at 10:04 PM, Sunday August 4, 2019 EDT
Easy solution.....
Go back to the original program,,,then get rid of memberships...
Glad to help.....
norteeeizm wrote
at 11:40 PM, Monday August 5, 2019 EDT
Well at least its a start. One opinion can get the ball rolling. ..
***Insane*** wrote
at 2:20 PM, Tuesday August 6, 2019 EDT
LOL really? How can anyone have a higher kicker when both have the same cards? The hand you have put up shows you both had straight pure and simple. Nothing to do with being a member or non member, split down the middle.
gnice37 wrote
at 10:10 PM, Wednesday August 7, 2019 EDT
there is a glitch that every once in a great while that the winning hand loses, i dont see it very often, but have witnessed it myself....this problem was sent to ryan yrs ago, unfortunately i never received a message on why it happens and if there is a fix for the issue.
elbbep wrote
at 6:04 AM, Thursday August 8, 2019 EDT
hi, what about the MD post?
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