simple and avi same person?
unknown3728615 wrote
at 5:34 PM, Wednesday August 28, 2019 EDT
seems some think they are:
lady boy: he is avi and simple
Easy A: what a loser 2 accounts on free chip poker?
lady boy: let someone play avi account against papa
lady boy: while he play simple
lady boy: then playedboth accounts heads up on 20k
lady boy: sad cunt

games showing both on same table

84888331 papacharlie Aug 28, 12:53 PM EDT $1,575,964 (+0) 5th
84888330 papacharlie Aug 28, 12:53 PM EDT $1,565,964 (+10,000) 5th
84888328 papacharlie Aug 28, 12:53 PM EDT $1,585,964 (-20,000) 5th
84888326 papacharlie Aug 28, 12:53 PM EDT $1,605,964 (-20,000) 5th
84888324 papacharlie Aug 28, 12:53 PM EDT $1,565,964 (+40,000) 4th
84888322 papacharlie Aug 28, 12:52 PM EDT $1,525,964 (+40,000) 5th
84888321 papacharlie Aug 28, 12:52 PM EDT $1,545,964 (-20,000) 5th
84888317 papacharlie Aug 28, 12:52 PM EDT $1,585,964 (-40,000) 5th
84888316 papacharlie Aug 28, 12:51 PM EDT $1,605,964 (-20,000) 5th
84888312 papacharlie Aug 28, 12:51 PM EDT $1,585,964 (+20,000) 4th

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gnice37 wrote
at 10:55 PM, Wednesday August 28, 2019 EDT
avi and simple m is the same. i received an email from the person playing the avi acct. simple m was not playing both accts at the same time. i traced the ip back to the person that emailed me. Everyone needs to play their own accts and we will remove players if this becomes an issue
lady boy wrote
at 2:47 AM, Thursday August 29, 2019 EDT
Big deal someone else was playing it....and i know who it was.
before i came to the table and called simple a cheat they was about to transfer the chips and they both now it or why play heads up?! They played accounts against Papacharlie off and took 500k off him according to someone...

Is this not Cheating?? 2 accounts versus 1??

thats why his Zivas and Yanid accounts are banned for transfering chips same why as this heads up.

Playing the account 4 or 5 handed or so isnt a problem but heads up is blatantly cheating because all the chips were going on either one of his accounts, correct im am wrong??
The only way he can or try and catch me was transferring his chips onto 1 account.


you can ban my account or chat i dont care and also dont care about fake medals.
The rules are the rules and it was blatent cheating no matter who was or his playing the other account.


I wasn't even going to complain about the attempt of cheating but thought seen as someone wrote on the forum i would.

Greg, your a nice and genuine guy but the modding here was pathetic in my view.

ringer11 wrote
at 5:03 AM, Thursday August 29, 2019 EDT
just ban his accounts simple as that.why cheat not fair on players trying there best to win.when thay cheat.thats why people are leaving the site because of them.players get banned for less so do youre job. thank you.
Ramu the hacker wrote
at 8:08 AM, Thursday August 29, 2019 EDT
Sorry to say, I am av_25,I have proof, when I was 25, I have created this account, and at that time I have confused about my av, so I confirmed name av_25
ringer11 wrote
at 10:13 AM, Thursday August 29, 2019 EDT
ramu you thick twat.why dont you leave the site and give everyone a break you idiot no one likes you so piss off
gnice37 wrote
at 2:09 PM, Thursday August 29, 2019 EDT
Even though i dont need to explain my rulings i will. iappreciate the feedback everyone and want you to know that us mods keep an eye on simple m every month. We are the ones that have permanently removed some of the accts. now as far as my mod ruling, i went thru the evidence posted above. not one of those replays was showing avi, simple m and papa charlie at the same table...if that was the case, they would have been removed....with the hand numbers above, they basically broke even. The mods here appreciate your feedback and your help to better gpokr by posting the info you do, sometimes the evidence isnt their to have the outcome which you would like.
lady boy wrote
at 2:45 PM, Thursday August 29, 2019 EDT
Am sure you Mods punished 1 of Madkings accounts a couple of months ago because he played a tournament and a regular table at the same time?? but 2 of the same persons accounts are allowed to play heads up even tho a friend plays that account!! Hahahahahahahhaha
Oh and you know am not Madking i am just using him as an example.. Just like use did when cracking the wip!

Greg just incase you forgot something...

Transferring money between accounts is not allowed
Play only one account at a time
Loaning money is not allowed

am sure all these 3 were broken in the same instance??

I guarantee if this was done by Madking Gurgi, Link 4, Pebble, Mark07, AAmike, Andorka or many more people this account would of been banned by You or KC and thats 100% true!

Anyway your decision made and your choice so i respect that as you do a tough job.
My comments are not meant to be disrectful towards you, i am just stating some 0bvious facts as he has always been a cheat.

Ask yourself this question, why would he let BB play his account heads up if he didnt want all the chips on 1 of his accounts...
the Avi account was up 180k when i came to the table they left even because 7 people were watching!

Everytime i see him at a table he will be called a Cheating C--t because facts done lie...
4th Account he done it on.

Snoods wrote
at 4:34 PM, Thursday August 29, 2019 EDT
Well there you go ladyboy showing some balls and telling how it is well said ladyboy gl.
Ramu the hacker wrote
at 4:56 PM, Thursday August 29, 2019 EDT
Ok i forgot one thing, I am not av_25,i am little bit drowsy at that time of post, ok i am full conscious now, I I am simple m, strange but true, I am very simple man, so people calling me, simple m..,so I put that name when I created simple m account, one thing ranger, say me open apology, niether u will face serious consequences, ty ryan
ringer11 wrote
at 5:03 PM, Thursday August 29, 2019 EDT
ramu go and get a good curry you dope. this site is messing with youre need to join a circus you clown.
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