happytoscrap wrote
at 12:29 PM, Saturday November 23, 2019 EST
Hey dude,

I know I said I'd probably play on here this week, but so so much poker and when I get home, I just need to not play poker.

Have played (8) tournaments. Only (1) cash so far. Snuck out a 7th when 7 cashed in this one.

If you add up all my buy-ins and subtract all my cash, I am down $1505. But I played a $300 qualifier to the main event of the series and I was one of 10 to qualify.

Main event started yesterday. 12 hours later, I am still alive. Started with 30k in chips, and I'm at 75k.

Day 2 is today. I don't to play again until tomorrow (day 3). 2/3rds of the remaining field on Sunday should cash, so if I can figure out a way to hang on, I'll be cashing big and up for the series.

Gpokr works. Yesterday in the 12th hour of the tourney, I got caught with my dick out. AQ all in pre flop against AA. I did a Gpokr move and grabbed my bag to leave. Q on the flop. Q on the river. I thought "only on gpokr" and kept grinding. :D

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happytoscrap wrote
at 3:05 PM, Saturday November 23, 2019 EST
A few different times in this tourney, I would reset myself and think about gpokr.

Blinds would be $1000/$2000 and I'd have $66k worth of chips and feel small and timid against these aggressive pros playing their towering stacks. Then I'd tell myself, "I have 33 big blinds. When I'm playing gpokr, I have $1500 in starting chips and blinds are $25/50. That's 30 big blinds. I have more chips than I would at the start of gpokr tournament, relatively speaking."

That thinking enabled me to raise with a hand like A9 suited instead of fold. Those blinds are valuable, especially with the antes and I need to win free pots. The tendency is to tighten up and these damn pros can smell that on you.
gnice37 wrote
at 5:57 PM, Saturday November 23, 2019 EST
Hey Hap

Thanks for filling me in during your tournament series. I am sure you have more to think about, but was glad you took the time. Nice to hear you are still in the tournament. So many times i hear "only on gpokr" and i try to tell players that it happens in real live poker also. Thank you very much for the example and nice job killing that AA lol. Let me know how the tournament goes and I wish you the best of luck. Will catch up with you when you have time to sit and play.
happytoscrap wrote
at 1:36 AM, Monday November 25, 2019 EST
One heck of a Sunday of poker.

69 players left for day 2 of the Main Event. 45 cash. I was in 55th place going in and got some bad news- My table had 1.8M of chips on it. 500,000 more chips than the next most loaded table. And I was the smallest stack on my table.

Managed to grind my way to 43rd. Crazy bubble grind. We were on the bubble for 1 1/2 hours or so. Very nerve wracking but I made it. Didn't advance past that round of payouts, but happy just to get paid.

$2430. So I went from being down $1505 to being up $925.

Then things got really awesome. A $350 bounty tournament started at 2pm. I got bounced out of the Main Event around 2:15. So, being up some cash, I late registered.

$100 for each person you take out (bounty). And I won the damn thing. So pretty crazy but I got my picture taken and I am now a WPT winner....,-angeleri-shut-down-$100-bounties

So that is me. Although I usually am not so scruffy. This is a week of not being at work and just playing poker. Won $2473 more plus I knocked out 10 people so got an extra $1000.

So huge Sunday. 2nd and 3rd biggest payouts of my career.
KC 97 wrote
at 4:04 PM, Monday November 25, 2019 EST
Been reading your posts..CONGRATULATIONS on your win..very cool...
happytoscrap wrote
at 7:37 PM, Monday November 25, 2019 EST
Thank you.

Point of the post is not to brag- point of the post is to point out how many good players on gpokr could play real poker and succeed.

Lots of people take me out on here all the time.
gnice37 wrote
at 8:25 PM, Monday November 25, 2019 EST
Congrats Hap on WPT tournament...So cool that we have a player that plays in these live tournaments. Thanks again for taking time to let me know how you did in the tournament.
"pebble" wrote
at 6:08 AM, Tuesday November 26, 2019 EST
well done nice work!
gnice37 wrote
at 10:05 PM, Wednesday November 27, 2019 EST
more info on the facebook group page if anyone wants to view it
pierthr wrote
at 6:57 PM, Sunday December 1, 2019 EST
keep it up gl
happytoscrap wrote
at 11:32 PM, Sunday January 12, 2020 EST
Played a $400 WSOP ring event today.

Didn't do well. Played loose and aggressive because it was a bounty tourney and each time you eliminate someone, you win $100.

I eliminated three people so I almost won my money back.

It was 2nd hour after 3rd break so 7 hours of poker into it. Blinds were $800/$1600 with $1600 big blind ante.

50 left and 30 cash. 30th wasn't worth much. $350 or so. Lot of the money goes to the bounties. Still, I should have just folded to the money. I had about $65,000 in chips. More than average. I got into an all in pre-flop confrontation with a guy bigger than me. I had AQ suited. He had 1010. I got no help and tourney over.

Usually I don't love AQ but for some silly reason, all three bounties I won this tourney, I took out the guy with AQ so it seemed like my destiny hand for the tourney. If I win that hand, I'm huge and in commanding shape. So I don't hate my play. I just wish I got lucky there. Or maybe I should have made a huge raise instead of just going all in. That way, if the dude with the giant ship stack goes over the top, maybe I can put him on KK or something and fold.

Oh well. It's probably a decent showing considering I won most of my buy-in back and again, gained experience. Still, disappointed a bit right now.
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