Exposing himself once again
black-rainbows wrote
at 3:58 AM, Wednesday May 13, 2020 EDT
A netiquette of gpokr is to wait when somebody is lagging. Villager experienced two or three lags in the game but always came back and everyone involved was aware of that. When it came to the heads-up one player (guess who) decided to take advantage of that and bet as quickly as he could within that 1 min he was away until he was down to all-in.

It would clearly be a different case if the opponent had been an awayer. There you would just wait a bit and bet. While it is technically not illegal to bet whenever you please, we all know it's a little off, especially when you are already chipleader in the situation.

Here is the sequence of events: (V still not an awayer but experiences lag and cannot respond to bet)

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Ramu the hacker wrote
at 5:37 AM, Wednesday May 13, 2020 EDT
heartbroken wrote
at 5:10 PM, Wednesday May 13, 2020 EDT
Leon used to check and wait but when others bet him out he swore he would never be nice again. I know the feeling, i always check laggers if I see it but people who dont I will bet them out of the hand if I remember who they are.
Haywood JaBlome wrote
at 8:25 PM, Wednesday May 13, 2020 EDT
A class act....
black-rainbows wrote
at 11:31 AM, Friday May 15, 2020 EDT
Happened again: In the middle of a hand.

Could not wait a second.

Lblack wrote
at 7:58 PM, Friday May 15, 2020 EDT
I did that too at first. Now since I've been playing a lot more then my norm I use it on case by case.
norteeeizm wrote
at 2:40 AM, Monday May 18, 2020 EDT
Its a bs, sometimes only certain ppl lagg?
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