big lads filthy mouth
lulu jamby wrote
at 7:09 PM, Sunday February 21, 2021 EST
e lashed out to a player because he was beaten by him call ed him a c....t.and more...please talk to him h\this is obviously his real life and doent care who he addresses
ty lulu jamby

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KC 97 wrote
at 7:31 PM, Sunday February 21, 2021 EST
taken care of
"pebble" wrote
at 7:00 AM, Monday February 22, 2021 EST
the last time you restored his chat in April 2020 you said and i quote
"restoring chat and time will be permanent ban of chat and post"

yet now you just ban him until the end of feb

now i don't want to see anyone perm banned, but this is just the kind of inconsistency from you we have come to expect, if you say you are going to do something, do it!
KC 97 wrote
at 12:24 PM, Monday February 22, 2021 EST
pebble you should have also read the comment i put on his wall shortly after taking chat till end of Feb there was more to the incident that you obviously dont know...i also talked with greg and we are making a decision on him...i also dont like to permenently ban someones chat,but some people dont learn and dont deserve to chat..thank you for your input..
elbbep wrote
at 7:55 AM, Wednesday February 24, 2021 EST
KC, i obviously can not comment , or do not know your private conversations with greg, hence why i can only comment on the facts, of which you have posted on his reviews
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