were have allthe players gone
masterofrefill wrote
at 7:36 AM, Monday May 15, 2017 EDT
i was on yesterday and you could on one hand nuber of players at 25 table none anywere else plus players with chips just want i white chip next to your name thats no acomplisment if you can not play at the level you should be at with thats part of the problem change the table amount make it so players have to play at there level you mest up the game ryan drew time to fix it

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Fedbear wrote
at 9:28 AM, Thursday May 18, 2017 EDT
There are bingo players at all the tables at any given time...did you see the bets made at 25/50 tables? A player can lose chips at any table. If there aren't any playing at the bigger tables, where are you going to play? There are some limits now, and if there are stricter limits, I think there will be even fewer players.
norteeeizm wrote
at 7:46 AM, Sunday May 21, 2017 EDT
I usually have a hand or two on smaller tables before I go up. Have to say it make's no difference because I have to play small tables now.. Its g poker and I will say it sux at times but the chips come back if you hang in there... Gpee for a reason. I used to complain but just a game and you should expect it.
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