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Gpokr is like a bushtucker trial. Trawl through all the shit and you find a few stars!
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I accidentally started looking at your avatar and now I'm never going to be able to leave this chair again.
remark on Saturday April 20, 2013
My black book of noob luckers (starting from today - all previous players have an amnesty until they noob again) 1) Rizla papers
Delboy71 on Thursday April 28, 2011
My black book of noob luckers: Rizla papers
Delboy71 on Thursday April 28, 2011
found out who "pebble" noob is m8! its AAmike/crazy mike
***pebble*** on Thursday August 6, 2009
Ohhhhh Del no medal for me again :(( Was 2am and went all in with dr z, my flush beaten by fh lol, Qh and i had str8 flush, so close but so far lol! Here's to another month of highs n lows, hope you have a better one :) See ya laters hun, gl xox
vikkib33 on Wednesday July 1, 2009
Hope your having a great day Del and your Mum too, Happy Birthday from me too the both of you :D See ya soon buddy xo
vikkib33 on Sunday June 28, 2009
Well done Isis. Although, you might want to take some tips from Del who is a much nicer person/player and doesnt complain as much about hating gpokr ;)
misst56 on Wednesday April 1, 2009
suck my dick bitch
Phil $ Ivey on Sunday March 8, 2009
Tano shows [Ac, 6h] for a straight flush nine high IsisBoy shows [Th, Jh] for a straight flush Jack high IsisBoy wins main pot $11,800
ThamesBoy on Friday May 30, 2008
Always good to see you at the tables bud
JulesDogg on Tuesday April 22, 2008
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