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"Your theory is crazy young man but not crazy enough"
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Recognized on 3:43 PM, Monday April 28, 2008 EDT by honda tech
Thank you for all of you're tip/advice. It really helps people learn to play better.

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servus para, you are one of the best gpokr players.:) cya round the tables:). un viel glück noch
link4 on Wednesday May 28, 2008
nice player
burundukay on Sunday May 4, 2008
Gives advice then takes all your chips mmmm good advice that lmao
""ENGLAND"" on Wednesday April 30, 2008
what is the "contributed" thing now? whats goin on with that?
NutzKiller on Monday April 28, 2008
Great player, Big asset to Gpokr.
honda tech on Monday April 28, 2008
Great player; good luck dude
JulesDogg on Saturday April 26, 2008
Hey Para! Good luck this month! ;) Keep up the good work! You can do it! ^_^ Cya when you get to visit the Philippines!
Dragonfly on Tuesday February 12, 2008
Hey wann treffen wir uns wieder am Tisch?
Calahan on Sunday January 13, 2008
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