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Bucktooth wrote
at 11:35 PM, Friday May 25, 2018 EDT
You got a spare 180K I could borrow?
Bucktooth wrote
at 11:35 PM, Friday May 25, 2018 EDT
You got a spare 180K I could borrow?
KC 97 wrote
at 11:28 AM, Wednesday February 18, 2015 EST
just because it shows me watching at a table doesnt mean im actually there...i dont always log out when im not playing or i could be playing another account..and just because you dont see an answer to someones question on the discussion page doesnt mean it hasnt been answered..i really think you should ask to be a mod then you would see what its like to try and keep the site a nice place to play....have a nice day...
KC 97 wrote
at 12:48 PM, Tuesday February 17, 2015 EST
let me straighten you out...i am not watching you!!! you are the one that put me on your list so you can see where i am...i do not have you or any of your accts on my following list...when i come on line i go to all the tables to see whats going on (by the way gnice does the same)..so get over yourself ...i could care less what you do...maybe you should get a life and leave me alone...im doing my job here as a mod and if you dont like it...take it up with Ryan...
"pebble" wrote
at 3:35 PM, Sunday June 15, 2014 EDT
Dealing pocket cards: [Qh, Ah]
"pebble" raises $5,000
Chaffy calls
qi888 calls
birba11 folds
terry12 calls
21jumpstreet raises $9,000
Crusha folds
cojac folds
KyleG raises $55,775
KyleG sits out
"pebble" calls
Chaffy calls
"pebble" sits out
qi888 calls
terry12 folds
21jumpstreet calls
Dealing flop: [6h, 7c, 7s]
Chaffy bets $1,725
21jumpstreet calls
Dealing turn: [Jh]
Dealing river: [9h]
KyleG shows [Qs, Td] for a pair of sevens
"pebble" shows [Qh, Ah] for a flush Ace high
Chaffy shows [Tc, Js] for two pair, Jacks and sevens
qi888 shows [3s, 2s] for a pair of sevens
"pebble" wins main pot $208,000
Chaffy wins side pot $56,000
Chaffy wins side pot $6,825
Chaffy wins side pot $3,450
helloitssue wrote
at 1:44 PM, Wednesday March 20, 2013 EDT
Hey! whats up lol I have not been on here in ages!
tapsteel wrote
at 3:16 PM, Wednesday December 19, 2012 EST
"pebble" wrote
at 3:11 PM, Monday September 10, 2012 EDT

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [8c, 7c]
rocky4xx calls
evertonfc calls
hangalooey calls
"pebble" raises $450
rocky4xx raises $3,025
evertonfc calls
hangalooey folds
"pebble" calls
Dealing flop: [6c, 9s, 9c]
Dealing turn: [Qs]
Dealing river: [Tc]
evertonfc shows [Jh, Kc] for a straight King high
"pebble" shows [8c, 7c] for a straight flush ten high
rocky4xx shows [2c, Ah] for a pair of nines
"pebble" wins main pot $7,475
evertonfc wins side pot $700
rocky4xx wins side pot $250
tapsteel wrote
at 10:15 AM, Tuesday August 7, 2012 EDT
just wanted to say, I've been relaxing at the beach. I hope all is well with you and your family and Inn. Your shoelace is untied!
rmartini wrote
at 7:33 AM, Friday June 1, 2012 EDT
Congrats on finishing 31st Gary! Good luck in June buddy.
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