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Recognized on 7:58 PM, Tuesday October 6, 2009 EDT by These cards suck
For helping the pokr community time and time again over the past year and a half. Lei is the prime example of a classy player here. I have alot of respect for her and appreciate everything she did when she modded for the community. This contribution is well deserved and earned. Congrats. Lei :)

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could u unbanned me please
beastlysniper16 on Saturday November 12, 2011
put my chat back on ya bitch
bazza234 on Wednesday December 8, 2010
Why hi can play if it stop to play?? http://www.gpokr.com/profile/39771234/reviews
Happy Poker on Thursday December 2, 2010
Thanks for everything Lei. All the best and gl at the tables.
mystery man on Sunday February 21, 2010
frogger888 on Tuesday February 16, 2010
inappropriate and offensive
010101 on Saturday February 6, 2010
would you mind sittin down, i am feeling a little low....
panties on Friday November 13, 2009
You are and will be missed. Thank you for your time devoted here.
These cards suck on Tuesday October 6, 2009
hey, i have missed you so much, and i expect i will spend a long time making it up to you. thank you for having me back, means a lot :).
panties on Wednesday September 16, 2009
your just a complete joke lei and u use your advisor abillities to suit your self!!
elbbep on Wednesday September 2, 2009
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