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link4 on Sunday November 23, 2008
Population on Tuesday November 11, 2008
OK Rich...YOU are really the most fun on here!!!!!!!!!! Can't help it can you?!?!?!?! I hope that your luck turns around!!! see ya soon!
annat on Monday May 19, 2008
RICHY - So good to see always get so excited because if that table was boring....not anymore. :) You are a very good poker player...scare me sometimes. haha Hope you get back on top my friend. See ya soon!! LUV ya!!!
annat on Monday May 12, 2008
I didnt get a note!!! lip quivers
lynnmay on Monday May 12, 2008
Rich, I might not know ya that well, but u prove to me that ya can play and play good as well. I always enjoy ur company cuz ur keep ppl laughin like myself. Good luck and will see ya on tables
Lblack on Sunday May 11, 2008
Oh I don't deserve such praise, but thanks for your sweet words, see u again on the tables!! xxx Lei.
Lei on Sunday May 11, 2008
rich...ur such a cool guy...jst i fan and medal less cool than me..lol anyway...ya...cya lol
bartlemy on Saturday May 10, 2008
Nice to have met you hope to talk again xxx Lei.
Lei on Tuesday May 6, 2008
Sooo glad to have ya back Rich!!! Missed you!
annat on Tuesday May 6, 2008
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