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TLP wrote
at 11:48 AM, Thursday March 1, 2012 EST
congrats on your 1st Javi
Javipu14 wrote
at 11:13 AM, Thursday February 23, 2012 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [3d, Ad]
Javipu14 raises $10,500
reid10 calls
Dealing flop: [3c, 2s, 5s]
reid10 checks
Javipu14 checks
Dealing turn: [3s]
reid10 bets $20,000
Javipu14 calls
Dealing river: [Ac]
reid10 bets $80,000
Javipu14 raises $662,000
reid10 calls
Javipu14 shows [3d, Ad] for a full house, threes full of Aces
reid10 shows [8s, Qs] for a flush Queen high
Javipu14 wins main pot $1,390,000
reid10 stands up
Javipu14 wrote
at 5:38 AM, Thursday February 16, 2012 EST
Javipu14 wrote
at 9:13 AM, Thursday April 7, 2011 EDT

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [7c, 8c]
bigbeno folds
Javipu14 calls
Joker 80 checks
Dealing flop: [4s, 5c, 6c]
Javipu14 bets $1,000
Joker 80 calls
Dealing turn: [2h]
Javipu14 bets $2,000
Joker 80 calls
Dealing river: [9c]
Javipu14 bets $8,000
Joker 80 folds
Javipu14 wins main pot $16,000
LBM wrote
at 5:47 AM, Thursday February 24, 2011 EST
joder macho no me acuerdo que nombre puse en el pokerstars y no me deja jugar cagoen todo
Javipu14 wrote
at 6:23 PM, Monday February 21, 2011 EST
el mismo que aqui jeje
LBM wrote
at 1:20 AM, Friday February 11, 2011 EST
por aqui bien,que nombre tienes en pokerstars?
LBM wrote
at 11:38 AM, Tuesday January 11, 2011 EST
crei ke no te hiba a ver mas por aqui
Javipu14 wrote
at 2:22 PM, Monday October 11, 2010 EDT

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Ac, As]
TA TA folds
chemical chris folds
son.of.ace calls
Javipu14 raises $17,500
Temsi raises $40,000
son.of.ace folds
Javipu14 raises $150,000
Temsi raises $465,000
Javipu14 raises $518,000
Dealing flop: [Js, Kh, Qd]
Dealing turn: [Qs]
Dealing river: [5c]
Javipu14 shows [Ac, As] for two pair, Aces and Queens
Temsi shows [Ad, Ah] for two pair, Aces and Queens
Javipu14 wins main pot $512,500
Temsi wins main pot $512,500
Javipu14 wins side pot $178,000
Javipu14 wrote
at 9:35 PM, Saturday October 9, 2010 EDT

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [5c, 3c]
Raw-D raises $40,000
Javipu14 calls
Dealing flop: [6c, 2d, Kh]
Javipu14 checks
Raw-D bets $50,000
Javipu14 calls
Dealing turn: [Jd]
Javipu14 checks
Raw-D checks
Dealing river: [4h]
Javipu14 bets $320,000
Raw-D raises $700,000
Javipu14 raises $1,580,000
Raw-D calls
Javipu14 shows [5c, 3c] for a straight six high
Raw-D shows [4s, 4c] for three fours
Javipu14 wins main pot $4,000,000
Raw-D stands up
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