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slapmesilly wrote
at 6:12 AM, Monday October 24, 2011 EDT
Dealing pocket cards: [Js, 6c]
Ando69 calls
1plus111 sits out
GeorgeSoros calls
slapmesilly raises $19,800
86And86 folds
1plus111 stands up
slapmesilly sits out
1plus111 takes a seat
srdavebetterhalf folds
MatthewBird folds
spelkort folds
Ando69 folds
GeorgeSoros calls
Dealing flop: [6s, 3s, Jh]
Dealing turn: [4c]
slapmesilly sits in
Dealing river: [4s]
GeorgeSoros shows [8c, Ad] for a pair of fours
slapmesilly shows [Js, 6c] for two pair, Jacks and sixs
slapmesilly wins main pot $40,100
GeorgeSoros stands up
slapmesilly wrote
at 5:10 PM, Wednesday November 24, 2010 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [9c, 9s]
actionguy9 calls
mike doo folds
Kruzzin checks
trina1 calls
slapmesilly calls
gigi m calls
bunuel checks
Dealing flop: [8s, 7c, 9h]
gigi m checks
bunuel checks
actionguy9 checks
Kruzzin folds
trina1 checks
slapmesilly bets $3,000
gigi m folds
bunuel folds
actionguy9 calls
trina1 calls
Dealing turn: [6h]
actionguy9 checks
trina1 checks
slapmesilly checks
Dealing river: [9d]
actionguy9 checks
trina1 bets $13,000
slapmesilly raises $134,984
actionguy9 folds
trina1 calls
trina1 shows [Th, Ts] for a straight ten high
slapmesilly shows [9c, 9s] for four nines
slapmesilly wins main pot $222,904
slapmesilly wins side pot
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