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if the acct iamZEUS is brandinho, then why does it come up on rob's acct? he was the one that told me, sell it like you want, i reviewed the hands and it def looks like transferring, i am pretty sure i warned both of you this would happen if i got the info of you two playing heads up and the ips matched, which they did. furthermore, you should only play your own accts and if you play heads up w/ only mikes accts, it def makes it look like transferring...remember i did watch the hands in question and no reason at all should you have called an all in (btw they werent all in preflop)
gnice37 on Friday November 3, 2017
dumb fag ass bitch
Adam_ on Saturday September 3, 2011
Starting Hand | Dealing pocket cards: [Kc, Ad]| tiks777 folds| lucky26062 sits out| mam771 folds| lucky26062 stands up| Zalethon raises $300| noddy11 raises $1,200| Zalethon calls| Dealing flop: [9d, Ks, Js]| Zalethon bets $600| noddy11 raises $3,000| Zalethon calls| Dealing turn: [9c]| Zalethon checks| noddy11 bets $3,000| Zalethon calls| Dealing river: [8s]| Zalethon sits out| Zalethon checks| Zalethon sits in| noddy11 checks| noddy11 shows [9h, Jh] for a full house, nines full of Jacks| Zalethon shows [Kc, Ad] for two pair, Kings and nines| noddy11 wins main pot $14,800
Zalethon on Saturday September 3, 2011
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