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I stole your money like I stole your bike
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jack ramsland wrote
at 12:23 AM, Friday May 29, 2009 EDT
where are you opie.come seeus.
Opie_00 wrote
at 11:44 PM, Wednesday February 18, 2009 EST

Feb 17, 09 1st $78,400 54 0 6 +57,156 / -45,210 +2,146 $114,312
Opie_00 wrote
at 11:38 PM, Wednesday February 18, 2009 EST
Opie_00 shows [7d, 6h] for four sevens
JulesDogg wrote
at 1:53 PM, Wednesday February 18, 2009 EST
Hi Opie, have you logged in to IOGC recently? It would be good to get your input on some current issues.
Best Regards,
Opie_00 wrote
at 11:27 PM, Thursday October 2, 2008 EDT
Opie_00 shows [3h, Ah] for four Aces
Country Girl wrote
at 6:32 AM, Wednesday September 24, 2008 EDT
Thank YOU very much Opie:) xoxoxo At least one of the mods is fair! I appreciate you!!!
BIG_TEX wrote
at 5:13 AM, Wednesday September 10, 2008 EDT
opie have a look at this i went all in. money was in the pot. then i randomly left seat? what the

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Qc, 6c]
invl calls
$$$ calls
sasy calls
cavaliere takes a seat
GOLAG calls
BIG_TEX raises $1,000
muminek raises $1,925
The Ol' Jakester calls
invl folds
$$$ calls
BIG_TEX sits out
sasy folds
GOLAG folds
BIG_TEX stands up
Dealing flop: [Th, Ad, Td]
Dealing turn: [6s]
Dealing river: [Jc]
muminek shows [4s, Qd] for a pair of tens
The Ol' Jakester shows [Kh, 4h] for a pair of tens
$$$ shows [5h, 6d] for two pair, tens and sixs
$$$ wins main pot $2,550
The Ol' Jakester wins side pot $1,300
muminek wins side
BIG_TEX wrote
at 2:45 AM, Sunday July 13, 2008 EDT
hey mate, im back playing again. you have heaps of medals now since i last saw you.
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