June 1 Update
Posted By: Ryan at 3:48 AM, Sunday June 1, 2008 EDT
After a nearly 24 hr coding session I've got a new code base uploaded to the servers. The majority of these changes are meant to bring better community and social networking on the non-game half of the site.

Player Notes are now called Reviews and you are limited to having only one review per player. If you submit another review it will overwrite the first. Anybody can post a review. These aim to act as a reputation system.

Comments are back! Yes, now if you are someone's friend you can post a comment on their wall. You'll notice new sections in the profile page for reviews and wall comments. Friends can post as many wall comments as they'd like.

Friends have changed a little too. You can add any player as a friend giving them access to your wall and letting you track them at the tables. Adding a friend will send a request to that player to add you.

You should also notice this new blog. The other blog was too far away to maintain properly. This blog will have posts on the front of the forum Also Advisors (the old moderators) can post blog entries too.

Finally you'll notice a new preferences dialog at the tables. This is an amalgamation of all the options. You can change your settings including sound and whether you want your stars displayed. You can add/remove friends. And last but not least, you can edit your profile information. Yes, profile info is back including country flags!

With all this new stuff and little testing there are bound to be some bugs. If you bump into some post them as a comment to this post.

Hope you like the update. See you at the tables.

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Domster wrote
at 5:08 AM, Sunday June 1, 2008 EDT
Awesome. Definitely looking forward to using the new features (and, wow, the new profile pages are awesome).
Ratae wrote
at 5:21 AM, Sunday June 1, 2008 EDT
ryan. thankyou for bringing back the country flags, but is it possilble to add the ENGLAND flag, so i can use that instead of the union jack..many thanks
Country Girl wrote
at 6:23 AM, Sunday June 1, 2008 EDT
Thank you so much Ryan! The majority of us know you are trying to make this the best place to meet, chat and play poker. And you are doing an excellent job!! Of course, my favorite changes are the flags and the fact I can keep trash off my page~hahahha!!! Luv ya~GPokr Style :) xxxx
NutzKiller wrote
at 7:22 AM, Sunday June 1, 2008 EDT
This is cool. And i like the new layout... looks clean. Great job Ryan.
fat cow wrote
at 7:29 AM, Sunday June 1, 2008 EDT
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annat wrote
at 8:24 AM, Sunday June 1, 2008 EDT
Ryan, Wonderful job!! The love the layout, reviews and the wall. But, by far I am most impressed by the change of friends. Thank you so much Ryan!! You work hard and I appreciate it!!!
Lei wrote
at 11:54 AM, Sunday June 1, 2008 EDT
Ryan love the new look, thank you so much for all your hard work!!
xxx Lei.
TheNudger wrote
at 12:17 PM, Sunday June 1, 2008 EDT
Is it a bug or me? I had a10
and went all least thats what could see...Dingle reraised my all-in and and i lagged(?) out!!!!! Furthermore, people told me that i had another 200 left...where form? It happens pretty often that when people reraise me my hand gets folded (firefox, over proxy). Damn i hope its my internet responsible for the 4 k.
helloitssue wrote
at 12:33 PM, Sunday June 1, 2008 EDT
Can we have the option of erasing comments???
Like when Mr. All out calls me a Whore??
Lei wrote
at 1:48 AM, Monday June 2, 2008 EDT
Can we please have an approval system for players who add you? Currently an email is sent informing you that a player has added you, but there is no option to refuse to be added.
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